A subdivision plat is a map of a tract of land which shows the boundaries and location of individually numbered lots, blocks, streets, easements, and other pertinent information.Platting Highlight on Process Map

The initial step for submitting a plat for review and consideration by the City of Garland, begins with submittal of a “Working Plat” to the Engineering Department. An application and fee is not accepted at this time. After meeting all technical requirements and achieving “Acceptable Status”, a plat application can be submitted to the Planning Department for processing and subsequent consideration for action by the Plan Commission. After a plat is approved, it is filed with Dallas County and becomes a legal lot of record for which a site or building permit can be issued.

For the Working Plat Process and Submittal Requirements, refer to Section 3.05 of the Technical Standards Manual.  

For specific information on plat types see GDC Chapter 3, Article 2.

The Plat Application can be found here: Plat Application - September 1, 2019 (PDF)

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